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The Tree
This is what the tree looks like (this is not my photo; here is the link):


The seeds
This is what the seeds and seed pods look like:

Goldenrain tree seeds

Goldenrain tree seeds

How to spot the trees and seeds
These trees are introduced ornamentals, native to Japan, China, and Korea. They bear yellow flowers in fall, and develop the interesting seed pods shown above. 


Where to find them in Wilmington
I have left these descriptions vague so you will have the fun of finding the trees for yourself.

In Wilmington proper there is a row of trees in front of the Zanzibar Blue nightclub downtown; these are not in good shape, having been salted out over the winter of 2002, when we had two big snows and the city went nuts with the sand and salt. In Newark there is a row of trees along Main Street, with the best collecting from a tree in front of a small restaurant. In fact, when I was collecting last fall a woman came out of the restaurant to ask me what type of tree it was (she knew), and why I was stealing the seeds.  
How to grow the seeds:
I grew these in 2003. I do not have records of how I planted them, but I do not recall scarifying them. This year (2004) I just dried the pods and seeds over the winter, and stuffed them into the planting soil. 


Additional resources:
Treehelp.com has a page on goldenrain trees.




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