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Welcome to 2008!
05/16/2008 @ 1000

Welcome to the growing season of 2008.

 Things have changed around here in just the past few weeks. All the land around our plant has been sold to a group who wants to build either commercial units, or possibly a casino. All the land has been cleared, and they are starting to fill. I hope we aren't flooded out in the first big rain. Plus, some of my planting boxes are on their property, so hopefully they won't do any surveying and fencing and force me to move.

This year looks to be interesting, with some new seeds and another try at some old favorites. 

I had pretty good luck with my hops last year, with Cascade and Chinook yielding enough for a batch of beer. This year, with the rhizomes better established, I hope to get Centennial and Glacier as well.

And hot peppers: as usual, I will be growing way too many hot peppers. I smoked some last year, which I have been using for sauces and soups, and I hope to do more this year. My basement is full of hanging dried pepper plants.



Welcome to "The 2008 Growing Season," the story of the 2008 Trees from Seeds tree garden. This column will provide you with a regular update on the status of this year's crop of tree seedlings.

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