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The Tree
This is what the tree seedlings look like:


The seeds
I don't have a photo of the seeds, but they were about the size of a sunflower seed, a little more rounded, mostly white with some black. 
How to spot the trees and seeds
The best time to look for mystery seeds is in the fall, or the spring, or the summer. Occasionally in the winter. Look anywhere for a tree you don't recognize - this is a mystery tree.
Where to find them in Wilmington
I have left these descriptions vague so you will have the fun of finding the trees for yourself.

How to grow the seeds:
This (2003) was my first time trying to grow these seeds, and I germinated 2 out of 8. I just let them winter over in our unheated building, them planted them about 1/4" deep in potting soil with the rest of the seeds.
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